I Think It’s Over
by Earplugz

A collaborative concoction of soul and sound. Khaanduit & Rize-Again bring you the full-length LP I Think It’s Over. A journey into residing in and releasing the negative loop, more commonly referred to as overthinking, An issue most people experience but, in some cases, can be chronically extreme. Based on true events, hailing from The Land of Enchantment itself.
released February 21, 2022

Produced, written and recorded entirely by Khaanduit and Rize-Again as Earplugz.
Tracks: 1,3,6,7,11,12,15,16 and 17 produced by Rize-Again
Tracks: 2,4,5,8,9,10,13 and 14 produced by Khaanduit
Mixed & Edited entirely by Rize-Again at Steady Flow Studios, 2022
Artwork created by Rize-Again.
Available on all platforms.