I Left Chicago With an Album by Jonathan UniteUs, Neak, Slot-A “I Left Chicago With an Album” is a music time capsule. Recorded during the summertime in Chicago 2020. I (Jonathan UniteUs) took a trip from NYC to visit friends and fellow collaborators. At this time, the country was 6 months into the COVID-19 pandemic/lockdown. Within the 5 days out of my 7 day stay in the city, Neak, Slot-A and I crafted an album based around our current headspace, current events as well as concepts based around personal conflict, perseverance and manifestations for the future. credits released November 28, 2022 All tracks (except “Wait” & “U Don’t Have To Explain Everything”) recorded @ Neak.Co, Chicago Illinois “U Don’t Have to Explain Everything” recorded @ Cutta Crib, Chicago, Illinois “Wait” recorded @ Tha Stu, Long Island City, NY All tracks mixed and mastered by Joey Golden Production by Slot-A, Neak, Jimi Wingate & Cuzzin Vinny Album artwork photo taken by Irv Vaz Album artwork design & edit by Noah Bility