I Am by Eric Friday (Humble)

acknowledging God and all that he’s done for me

written by Eric Friday
instrumental made by Vintage Man Beats
Eric Friday is a registered artist with ASCAP Publishing Company


too many times we point the finger not knowing three are pointed back at us
papa Brady back me up
official like a whistle and a striped suit
out of it doesn’t cut like budgets and crack pipe too
on a never ending quest to educate the world
and hope we come together racism makes me earl
not Duke or king hoop dream except replace the hoop with a microphone I’ll never fall asleep again
I mean once upon a time I used to want to help me only
he’s phony kick him like a pony
out where the fuck did I go wrong
I want a good life instead it’s sad songs
no cryin I’m lying bitch get out my face
before I leave you fucked like me when I was sniffing cake
there’s not a place that I can where I’m not watching
instead of dodgin cops I had to leave my own block
I’m not afraid of dying it’s that I won’t press my luck
if it was just about me then I wouldn’t give a fuck
responsibility slapped me it fuckin sucked
I guess that’s what it took for me to finally grow up

I’m a full grown man I ain’t no m.f. kid
I had to grow up fast street dreams and state bids
pass me the mic and a beat that’s hard
overcoming obstacles by acknowledging God

hip hop junkie flunkie went back and got my good enough diploma plus a street doctorate
box me in back me any corner you want
the truth comes out swinging with a fiery sword
I’m from the Sandlot where we start to record
if your bars have concept and ya lyrics are hard
I don’t have any issues with rappers or stars
that want to make money rapping long as they raw
you can be a gangster pimp or dance on a pole
know the devils out there trading fame for souls
I want to make music that the people young or old
want to sit and write a verse from inspirational prose
flows cold as ice cream that you stick up ya nose
put ya money against me that shit will transpose
to line my pockets now the lents all gone
it’s in yours now funny guess that’s just how it goes