Hyp Nosys
by Hyp Nosys

This spoken word album, originally released in 2011, deserves some context. The two lead artists are first cousins from Roxbury and Malden Massachusetts. They were raised together from infancy. In their early twenties one cousin moved to the Bay Area California and the other cousin moved to Atlanta Georgia. The cousins hadn’t spoken in ten years but one day the cousin in Atlanta called his cousin in the Bay Area and told him that he just landed a job in the Bay Area and would be moving there soon. The cousins were amped up. They’d be reunited. During this phone call they both talked about being involved with music. Coming from a musical family, this was a given. How-the-hell-ever, what *wasn’t* a given is what they discovered next. One cousin asked the other “so what’s your artist name?” He answered: “Nosys.” The other cousin, stunned by this answer replied: “Wait….what?! Get the hell out! I’ve been calling myself Hyp for all these years!” This affirmed what they intuitively already knew which is that they were always connected no matter the years and distance. Hyp and Nosys knew that this deep connection needed a musical manifestation, hence the creation of this album.

You can also hear the echos of their childhood and ridiculous sense of humor on a few tracks.
released February 1, 2011

Vocals/Lyrics: R. Bowden (Nosys)
Vocals/Lyrics: R. Holman (Hyp)
Vocals/Lyrics: M. Shea
Produced by: R. Holman
Co-produced by: R. Bowden
Contra bass: M. Shea
Harp: R. Holman
Guitar: M. Wynar