Hunt For The Future by Creaturenomics

Frank Sinatra Eating Collard Greens 02:17
Nose Bleed in the Bleachers 01:19
King Tut Without The Bling On 02:37
Pet A Piranha Feat. YC The Cynic 03:06
P.S 19 Feat Gab Gotcha 03:07
Living Today 02:44
releases July 18, 2021

All Production El Pres Beats
All Lyrics S. Booker (Creaturenomics) Insomniac Dream Entertainment BMI excepted additional P.S. 19 and Pet A Piraha Gab Gotcha and YC the Cynic
Recorded by Supremo Massiv
Mixed and Mastered El Pres Beats
Cuts by DeeJay Irie on KIng Tut without the Bling and P.S 19
Art Jsnshit

Creaturenomics is bringing it back on Hunt For The Future: No bells and whistles, just hardcore hip hop. Completely produced by El Pres Beats, prepare yourself for a project focused on beats and rhymes, hard hitting drums and dope loops with honest, introspective and socially aware lyrics. Guests on the EP are Bronx heavy hitter YC the Cynic (now known as Kemba, but this track was recorded before the name change), on the track Pet A Piranha, and Gab Gotcha, who assists Creature on PS19, an ode to the Corona neighborhood in Queens where they grew up together. DMC champ Deejay Irie performs some furious cuts on the tracks King Tut Without The Bling On & PS19