Homeboy Sandman – Get Yours (prod. Deca) | Official Audio

Nice another beat that I can rhyme to
You can do whatever you put your mind to
Your destiny’s a symphony to fine tune
No matter where you go it’s gonna find you
Life is a party you should slide through
You gonna show up whenever you decide to
Start achieving whatever you desire to
Start achieving whatever you designed to,
If you’ve a feeling that you can’t accept
Assess your health and ask yourself
“Well is it life or is it death?”
And if it’s death then let it die
Until there’s nothing left and if it’s wet than let it dry
Go head and try
It’s bound to remoisturize when the time is right
Do these assignments yo i promise that it’s outta sight
Do me a solid
Acknowledge that you’ve gathered up the mileage to assert your God given right
And start living like it


From the upcoming album “Still Champion”

Written & performed by Homeboy Sandman
Produced by Deca

Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
Mello Music Group

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