#hiphoprap #usahiphop #hiphopmusic Nite Owl – Less Is More [Official Video]

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Hip Hop Week is celebrated throughout various weeks of the year depending on where you live in the world. So I made another record that fits as a theme song for the culture this year and beyond.

One day, a new Fan was making a comment on a post and then also made a simple request. His request was for me to do some 90’s sounding beats with my lyrical flow? As if I’m not already “Old School” enough. Lol!

Of course I accepted the challenge.
This was easy.
“Consider it done” is what I told him in a DM.
I instantly hit up my man DJ Coolout Chris from Chicago to produce the record since we did some previous work together on “Who Am I”, a record on
my “When The Smoke Clear” album.

I remember saying to him “make me something like Nas New York State Of Mind. Just give me some crispy piano and a heavy ass baseline. I’ll do the rest, I want it to be super simple, you know less is more type s**t!”

My brother delivered.
The rest is a wrap.

The official single drops

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