hip hop & me
by oraziodelcore

coming thru with bombap manuvers
quality sealed if you need the approval
certified funkyness and nothing less
most valuble than a vinyl on a first press
weighting in at 100 tons
heavier than led zeps break of a drum
squashing just like a vinylpress
but still in quality and the finesse
stamped up the volume way cranked
up to max its the sound of champs
play that dj spin spin spin it
and after that back to the beginning
dubs be rubbin just like scratch
to my tableists where you at?
all the cratediggers looking 4 wax
& beatsmiths who really knows the craft

I say the hip the hop dont stop
wont stop cant stop and it still rocks
on every block b-boys are shocked
sounds multiplying from basements to rooftops

if this is underground welcome to the dungeon
4 real straight up nobodys stumbleing
walking into goal without runnin
starting out from here and then to london
off course with a LP in my hand
from this song from this one man band
cause I emcee, dejay and produce
ODC in effect with the golden loops
the basslines the pianos & the flutes
plus the drum all to good use
100% putting in work to my art
not letting someone else do the work for start
haters can hate, critics can say what they want
I still wont i still dont front
I got the eyes on the goal
cause thats some those critics cant control
released January 4, 2022