Hindsight Hotel by Res One & Mac Lloyd (2020)

Split Prophets wordsmith and the Sweetheart Soul maestro collide in unprecedented fashion on Hindsight Hotel. The project sees both artists finding a middle ground between their signature styles, combining the raucous bars and undeniable presence of Res One with the smooth and subtle sounds of Mac Lloyd. The pair prove they are a force to be reckoned with, even in their collaborative infancy.

Hindsight Hotel is a diverse 4 track EP that showcases the duos variety of moods and styles whilst holding an underlying theme of reflection and growth as they have experienced their fair share of change within the last couple of years.

Tracks like “Find Space” & “Take Flight” are steezy and funked out, allowing Res to spray effortlessly. He laces bars with double entendres and outright, undeniable energy. Their counterparts however lie on the more soulful side with “Mama Knows” & “Curse” boasting a boombap edge. Mac sits prominently in the mix on Hindsight Hotel. Having produced all four instrumentals, he subtly pushes the elements of soul by sprinkling additional ad libs and hooks throughout.

With psychedelic animations coming from digital aficionado Josh Richardson for both “Find Space” & “Mama Knows”, the Hindsight Hotel offers a complete and immersive package.
released October 1, 2020

Instrumentals written, produced and arranged by Robert McLeod & Ceri Cheron

Artwork by @ffolie.adieux

Mixed & Mastered by Jevon Ives (MOOD)