Hey, You Know the Times
by Associated Fresh

Associated Fresh functions as a Hip Hop group & collective of artists based throughout Northern California from Santa Cruz to the San Francisco Bay to Solano County to Sacramento. They are preservers of underground Hip Hop music & culture. Assembled circa 2008-2009, this group of 4 good-hearted dudes have rooted themselves deep in the underground as folklore & legend amongst those who know.

As well as upholding the virtues of Hip Hop, Associated Fresh stand for the common man & woman, giving a voice to the voiceless & showing the power of unity in action. The brothers represent an idealism they’ve come to know that is unique to their Northern California roots: Counterculture meets Multiculturalism, embracing each other’s differences, exchanging traditions & enriching the lives of all who are in participation. Skaters, backpackers, stoners, immigrants, nerds, hustlers, ghetto kids, suburban kids, working class citizens & those who seek the truth by tuning to their inner-selves; all these archetypes met in this Northern Cali experience young folk grow up in inspire & inform the Associated Fresh intellect creating the music.

Members consist of:
All_Key aka Jaymar = Producer / Emcee
Dren Doh = Emcee… more
released November 24, 2022

Associated Fresh is… All_Key aka Jaymar, Dren Doh, Fluent & Señor Gigio.
tracks #1, #2 & #4 produced by Dren Doh
tracks #3, #7, #9 & #10 produced by All_Key
track #5 produced by J-Red
track #6 produced by Cache
track #8 produced by B.I.Lectric

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Ari “Hashbrown” Sandoval.
Album art by Big Papa Warrior.
all rights reserved