Hell Razah x BoFaat – Heavens Warriors

Hell Razah or now also known as Heaven Razah is one of members of the famous Wu Tang affiliate group Sunz Of Man. He was also very successful as a solo artist untill the day he was struck with a brain aneurysm , theres a whole and awarded documentary about him and his road to recovery. However his rap career was ended. But he is sitting on tonz of material used and unused. So he approached producer BoFaat to work with him with this material.. Bofaat had now so much material to work with but only had the pure acapellas…so he took them and built brand new beats around them which was quite the odysse. Figuring out the bpms and creating brand new songs… the result speaks for it self.
released February 25, 2022

all lyrics by HellRazah, all beats by BoFaat