Hazz – Hazzmatic Creation by Nyark Music

It’s actually amazing to think we are on our fifteenth release on Nyark and what a superb chance to give our listeners another solid project. Hazz doesn’t really need a long introduction, but for those who are new to the party let us further explain about this talented wordsmith. It seems like a lifetime ago when he dropped his debut mixtape with UK Hip-Hop legend Tricksta. Soon after he signed with Nyark and now up to date has released five solo EP’s as well as a collaborative EP with label mate Wild Samson. In this time he has featured on tracks alongside the likes of Mic Righteous, Ray Vendetta, DJ TMB, Trademark Blud, Airklipz, Conman from Wolftown Committee and more. With Hazz already working on another two projects, this hard working MC really is one of the most hard-working consistent artists in the game.

‘Hazzmatic Creation’ is heavyweight seven track extended player that features two beats from Thugs Bunny, two beats from Esh Productions, two beats from Sunday and a beat from Midas Cash. This release is musically less gritty than Hazz’s previous release ‘Street Magic’ and goes for deep smoked out raw jazz vibe. Lyrically it’s more brilliance from this artist who is growing from strength to strength carving his own unique style and sound. Featuring a whole host of strong solo tracks such as the EP’s opening title track, the infectious ‘Inside Out’ and the last jam ‘Creational Thinking’. This project also features label mates Wild Samson and Airklipz, as well as contributions from Chicago’s iLL Gordon and singer vocalist Asha. This creation that has been made is most definitely Hazzmatic, don’t sleep on this project.
released May 20, 2023

All tracks written by Hazz, apart from guest verses
Tracks 1 & 2 produced by Esh productions
Tracks 3 & 5 produced by Thugs Bunny
Tracks 4 & 6 produced by Sunday
Track 7 produced by Midas Cash
Engineered & mixed by Tricksta
Recorded at The NYark HQ
Mastered by Mindor
Photography by Mitchells Photography
Artwork & Design by Hazz
Executive Producer: Mindor

Something refreshingly original. A record label whose foundation is Hip-Hop but with musical boundaries that are limitless. Our sound is diverse, our sound is eclectic, inspired by the greats and dedicated to thinking outside the box. Home to recording artist’s Wild Samson and Hazz, and in-house producer & studio engineer Mindor. Nyark promises to deliver quality music at a consistent rate.