Haadoob feat. Audessey • Words from the Wise For the title track of Haadoob’s debut album of the same name, the Berlin producer joins forces with Atlanta wordsmith and hip-hop legend Audessey (Soundsci, Masterminds in Effect, Mass Influence). Words From The Wise is about dropping jewels, dropping knowledge… it celebrates mistakes made, lessons learned and the various paths to spiritual growth. It’s about that gem you overhear as you walk down the street. Equally, it’s dedicated to the pieces of advice received from people close to you which turn into wisdom years down the line. Ultimately, Words From The Wise is about finding your own voice, your truth, your passion and sense of self in this world. Pretty deep stuff… highlighted and underlined by a banging boom-bap soundtrack. DJ Grazzhoppa provides cuts on the original album version. The Buddha Bless Remix features Brother Naeem on guitar & narration. Produced by Haadoob Mixing & mastering by No Sleep Nigel Artwork by Ohmega Watts / Brokin nglish Design Collective credits released December 2, 2022