Guillotine Crowns – Hills to Die On (2022)

U.S.A (New York)

paru le 29 avril 2022

Executive Produced by Uncommon Nasa & Short Fuze.

Written and Performed by Uncommon Nasa for Uncommon Color Combinations (ASCAP) & Short Fuze for Chi Mil 3 Publishing (ASCAP) unless otherwise noted.
Produced* & Mixed by Uncommon Nasa @ Nasa Labs, NYC.
Primary Engineered by Uncommon Nasa @ Nasa Labs, NYC.
Recorded by Rubieseyes @ Nasa Labs, NYC & Short Fuze at the Cat’s Basement, Chicago, IL.
*Horseman Armour” Co-Produced by Digdug for Agartha Audio (ASCAP)
Artwork and Layout by DJ Jazzpants
Handstyles by Uncommon Nasa
Guillotine Crowns Logo Originally Drawn By Hector Castaneda for Hectik Creations.