Gruesome Twosome – Time Capsule (2021)

U.S.A (Chicago)

Collaboration album between 2 members of Shark Brothers: Fubar & Subcon.

This project was a bit of a patchwork of sorts. We both had several unfinished tracks just sitting for years and decided it would make sense to bring them all together, dust them off, finalize and release them as our debut album under the group name “Gruesome Twosome”. This is one of those projects we didn’t necessarily think much of when we started but eventually came together to what we feel is an extremely strong project.

We also enlisted the help of a handful of talented fellow MC’s in Sadida, Silentmind, I.N.F. & Jake Haw to round out the project.
paru le 8 novembre 2021

Vocals by Fubar & Subcon
Mixed by Fubar
Mastering by Subcon
Cover by Subcon