Giallo Point – BLUE KEYS (2022) Beatmaking & Instrumentales (U.S.A) k Based, giallo Point is a producer who has made a name on the underground scene over the last few years with an intricate style of jazz & Latin through to library vibes & sounds. Making beats since the late 90’s he has now found a niche in the market with a strong presence for a sound many know as the “giallo point sound and vision”. He has helmed and been known for providing that sound to numerous HipHop luminaries. His prolific output has covered a wide gamut. This time around he brings us a vintage jazz and library edge to solidify the full impact of what this latest release “Blue Keys” will bring to the table. While we take a trip down the jazz sound he keeps the sinister edge from start to finish. Prepare for a journey of instrumentals that will be the start of a series of musical moments for the instrumental heads. As you guys know giallo has been fam for a long time and has had his presence across numerous classic projects over here at Grilchy Party, from OJ Glovez, to Kiss da Converse to Adebesi Hat recut and more. It is our honor and pleasure to proudly present his first instrumental LP on vinyl, exclusively crafted. Artwork by the ever impeccable rhymepuma. crédits paru le 25 novembre 2022 All production, cuts and scratches by Giallo Point