Ghosts / Louder EP
by PS.KBeats & Rawz

This EP is about the two emotions that I believe are the root of all others:Love and Fear. These two tracks sit nicely together because they are opposites.”Ghosts” explores the forbidden islands of fear,fear of the unknown,fear of others,fear of ourselves.”Louder” takes a journey in the opposite direction,but in waters no less uncharted.Approaching the unknown with love and optimism,sharing the gift with others,nourishing the soul.

Working with PS.KBeats on these tracks has been very satisfying,his production style is inspiring and he is a pleasure to interact with as a human being.I’m really pleased with how these tracks came into existence.

released December 5, 2021

lyrics by Rawz
produced by PS.KBeats

artwork by Lenni82
mix and master by DiggingSounds