Ghost of Reggie Lewis by ullnevano x God Sense Beats Prolific Baltimore rhyme vet, UllNevaNo, is no stranger to infusing his love for 90s basketball into modern day hip hop, and creating projects with one producer for the listener to vibe to a cohesive sound. Proving that his consistent stats match his lyrics, he’s teamed up with legendary Baltimore producer, God Sense Beats. Announcing their lead single as well as the self titled album “The Ghost of Reggie Lewis”, the single is an ode and homage to the late Reggie Lewis, who was one of the top scoring players at Dunbar high school located in Neva’s hometown (was eventually drafted by the Boston Celtics). THE GHOST OF REGGIE LEWIS is slated to be released through independent Los Angeles Label “Already Ready Dead” on Black Friday as a digital and cassette release. credits released November 2, 2022 produced by God Sense Beats Mixed and Mastered at The Lineup Room in Baltimore, MD