Gen Pop by DDM (Drowning Dog and Malatesta)

releases May 12, 2023

Wordz, Music and Production: DDM (Drowning Dog and Malatesta)
Mix and Co-Production: Tristan Mazire at La Fugitive Studios (Paris)
Mastering: Audible Oddities (Oakland)
Features: Anela Jahmena, Tsidi Bang-Bang and Karl of Soundz Of The South (One Day Remix)
Anela Jahmena of Soundz Of The South (One Day)

Front cover/label art: Jana and JS
Back cover photo: Eddi Aguirre
Inside photo: Ewa Nowakowska
DDM Gen Pop tag: Bloozgraffiti
Sleeve idea: Tristan Mazire and DDM
Layout: Alex Upstartz

Thanks to Tristan Mazire for your mixing, production skills and generosity of your time.
Big thanks and much respect to Disorder Rebel Store for always being there.
Thanks Alex at Upstartz Records, all the Fire and Flames crew and Rudy’s Back for making this record a reality!