Funky DL – Blendisms (Vol​.​1 Instrumentals) 2023

Instrumental Jazz Hip Hop (United Kingdom)

Introducing the instrumental version of the very first Funky DL MEGA MIX entitled “Blendisms”, an epic blend of Funky DL jams abundantly fueled with favorites, as well as numerous surprises.

Shifting swiftly through the just-under-half-an-hour set, the beats tantalize the ear drums, whilst DL effortlessly drops his clever and thoughtful rhymes.

You’ll hear never before released beats from DL’s instrumental collections and some awesome head-bopping remixes.

It’s nothing short of astounding to think that this level of creativity derives all from just one man, whose battery never seems to run out.

With plenty variety provided, there’s still scope for numerous volumes, due to the size of Funky DL’s audio inventory. Meanwhile, soak up this first volume that will thoroughly entertain you and neatly fill any 30 minute segment of your day!

(Please note: track one is the full uninterrupted instrumental mix, whilst fans also get the option to download and enjoy the tracks individually.)
paru le 22 février 2023