Funky DL – Beautiful Soul (2021)

United Kingdom

As prolific as Funky DL has been across his tenure as an MC and Producer, he has always understood the necessity to venture deeper into his craft and the necessity to transcend his previous works by tapping into his creativity in ways he never before has.

His 21st studio album comes in the form of “Beautiful Soul”, a 10-track opus to the sounds and beauty of 1960’s and 1970’s Soul Music.

However, the title of the album doesn’t stop there, as it also reflects DL’s assertions through his lyrical content that we all arrived into this world as beautiful souls; although our innocence, dignity and integrity often succumb to some of what contemporary society lays before us. Be that as it may, the messages within the rhymes resonate hope, gratitude, optimism and triumph.

The production for the project began in April of 2020, with DL collaborating with some of his favourite live musicians, namely Xantoné Blacq on keys, Ed Riches on guitar and Sean Allen on bass. Working with each musician individually due to the lockdowns caused by the COVID pandemic, DL was undeterred by these restrictions and continued crafting the melodic landscape for the album.

Taking on the challenge of re-interpreting some heavyweight hits from over four decades ago, DL aimed to ascend… afficher plus
paru le 5 novembre 2021

Produced & mixed by Funky DL for Washington Classics 2021.

“100”, written by N. Newman & D. Lyons.
“The Litigant”, written by N. Newman & A. Fayeton-Blacq.
“And I Write Rhymes”, written by N. Newman & V. Lora.
“Thankful For Everything”, written by N. Newman & T. Grant.
“Me”, written by N. Newman & L. McLeish.
“The Covenant”, written by N. Newman & S.M. Domingue.
“My Love”, written by N. Newman & A. Fayeton-Blacq.
“Everybody”, written by N. Newman.
“Always Be Free”, written by N. Newman & D. Lyons.
“Home”, written by N. Newman & L. McLeish.

Keyboards: Xantoné Blacq.
Acoustic/Electric Guitar: Ed Riches.
Bass Guitar: Sean Allen.
Additional Vocals on “The Litigant” by Lei-an.