Frankie V “No Filter” (prod. by Oskar Mike)


“No Filter” by Frankie V is filled with raw and unfiltered thoughts and feelings. Frankie’s comedic and offensive lyrics are a reflection of his bold personality and unapologetic approach to life. While some may find the lyrics offensive, others will appreciate Frankie’s honesty and willingness to speak his mind without any filters.

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About Frankie V:
Frankie V is a Hip Hop artist from Belmar New Jersey. He is known for his vicious delivery, witty punchlines, complex rhyme patterns, and unique song structure. It was at an early age that Frankie V fell in love with hip hop, when he was introduced to legendary 90’s artists by his older brother who is also an emcee. Frankie transitioned from being only a writer to recording and uploading his music in 2010. That is when he started a group with his older brother named Rock-A-Set. Frankie V also became an affiliate of Grind Mode Cypher in 2016 and has been traveling and networking with many artists ever since.

Mixed/Mastered by Lingo