by theDeeepEnd

I wrote/recorded this track in January of 2022. It was the last song I wrote in my old apartment at the height of the darkness I had been experiencing. As soon as I finished recording the song I immediately felt free. It was like a personal therapy session. Clearing out my energy by putting it in a song actually allowed me to free up space to receive new blessings from God. Shit I guess I said all that to say, this song is an authentic experience and I hope it blesses you how it blessed me. Oh and don’t ever take your personal medium of expression for granted!
Don’t hold me back
Just hold me down
Just hold down me

I’m at a loss for words
Now I feel loss of nerve
Lay down I toss and turn
What is the cost to earn
What is the cost of burn
Name of the game
Carry the flame, lower your guard
Find out you lost your world
Stuck in the matrix
You got complacent
Forgot your worth
Demons they walk this earth
Angels been fighting for your attention
Brush off the dirt
Easier said than done, hope that you watch your mouth
Cuz You could cause curse with words
Nigga me too,
The things I tell myself are often sharp and fairly lethal
If everybody’s special, we’re just ordinary people
Reality’s a mirror, so you come across as see-through
When you move deceitful
Errybody chasing a check
Where’s the respect
Feeling guilty more that I rest
I must neglect
Intuition tugs at my chest I’m feeling vexed
Clarity from not having sex, erased by stress
How fortunate
All these shiny toys they use to hang you like an ornament
Christened as a Christian, but the evil feeling dormant if
I do not do the inner work, might end up on some Dorner shit
Errybody getting clipped
All your tables getting flipped
Blackjack, I’ma pull ya card before I take a hit
21 reasons, just to fuck around and split ya wig
Mourn the loss of innocence
Or find redeeming qualities inside your darkest blemishes

Don’t hold me back
Just hold me down
Just hold down me
releases July 15, 2022
mixed/mastered: Brian Kidd of 1Sound1Vision
produced/written: theDeeepEnd
cover art: APyah/theDeeepEnd