Fokis – Seasons Change, People Too: The Experiment

U.S.A (New York)

Seasons Change, People Too: The Experiment Is the third installment of four from Fokis’ forthcoming Double album SEASONS CHANGE, PEOPLE TOO. The Experiment is just that, a combination of new sounds, flows all put together like a science experiment in a lab. “I really wanted to challenge myself and try new things, new flows, new sounds, hey I’m even singing so it’s definitely some new vibes. I had so much fun creating this music, it felt challenging at times but I feel like I’ve grown so much as an artist because of it”.

Once all 4 parts have been released, a Limited Edition Double CD will follow. This Double CD will be limited to 100, hand-numbered copies so be sure to reserve your copy.
paru le 28 janvier 2022

Recorded & Mixed @ Krystal Clear Recordings
Mastered by Chris Athens