Flyest In The League
by Unorthodocks & Solute

Unorthodocks and Solute come from two different worlds but are rooted in the same reality. While Solute was a star high-school athlete in his hometown Winston Salem, North Carolina who chose music after a career ending injury; Docks’ formative years were spent in Phoenix, Arizona with one foot in the studio and the other in the street, with one goal in mind, being heard.

Born two-thousand miles and five years apart, the duo hardly noticed their differences when they met while navigating the independent rap scene in Phoenix. Both emcees were hungry to elevate beyond the street-level cyphers and battles that led their paths to cross and ascend to something greater. Both recognized a passion and determination in each other they had yet to find outside of themselves. That drive to elevate as well as the elusive nature and charisma each individual possessed eventually led to the formation of the “Rarefied Air” collective. A tight-knit and specially curated roster of emcees and beatmakers spanning the U.S.
released October 15, 2021