Fly Ego (feat​.​Venomous2000) by Chillowproductions & Dj Grazzhoppa

What do you get when 2 esteemed Belgian producers/dj’s collaborate with their favorite New York / New Jersey MC’s? You get a bullseye. The long awaited release of the international album ‘Moving Targets’ by Chillowproductions & Dj Grazzhoppa is in sight. On March 10th, the first single “FLY EGO” will drop. Moving Targets pretty much speaks for itself. For this single, the duo set their scopes on New Jersey rapper Venomous2000. While he’s aiming for you!

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released March 10, 2023
Rap: Venomous2000
Beat/production/Mix: Chillowproductions & Dj Grazzhoppa
Cuts: Dj Grazzhoppa
Recordings: Chillowproductions
Mastering: Chillowproductions at Catharsis-productions
Art: Tom De Geeter
Distribution: News Distribution