Flux Populi
by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

“Flux Populi is a creative prompt-based writing exercise with the aim of bringing abstract and surrealist wordplay to the table in the hopes of communicating a range of general niche concepts. Th’ Mole reached out to Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice with a bank of production, and after selecting a range of beats, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice sifted through the tracks and applied concepts to them based on emotional reactions. After writing and recording the songs, all vocals were presented to Th’ Mole, who reshaped the songs around the lyrics, expanded the production and handled all mixing and mastering. Thanks to the connection that emerged from the Weird Rap Discussion Gang, and courtesy of Fake Four Inc., Flux Populi can be presented to the world as a sonic vision manifested through patient execution and intention. Hopefully it can be enjoyed without coming off as too much of a soapbox project, but sometimes, the times dictate the art, and with the world going through so many evolutions and changes at once, the album feels appropriate for the times.”
– Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
releases May 6, 2022

produced, mixed and mastered by Th’ Mole written by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

1 – Lone Wolves (intro) [0:48] 2 – Hollow Akira [3:01]
3 – Flux Populi [4:35]
4 – Flagrant Two [3:37]
5 – Gangstalking [3:31]
side a – [15:32]

6 – Bizarro World [3:27]
7 – Black Sheeple [2:48]
8 – Thin Places [4:20]
9 – Liminal Space [2:50]
side b – [13:25]