flowers* by Dr.Doppler

After a long winter stratification, Dr.Doppler’s seeds* are blossoming! flowers* LP melts the Doctor’s signature grooves with 1960/70’s psychedelia, experimental jazz, and downtempo electronica. Adding to this heady mix are guests including A-F-R-O, Brainorchestra, ResoNate, and more.

Bonus track “Dilation” is vinyl exclusive.

“Flowers in this case are an analogy for records, the hunt for them, and the arrangement of them.” – Dr.Doppler

Equipment harmed in the production of this album:
Roland SP-303
Roland SP-404
Roland SP-404a
Roland SP-404 MKII
Roland SP-555
Emu ESI-32
Teenage Engineering PO-35
Korg KP3+
Yamaha CS5
Alesis Micron
Korg Monotron
Acoustic guitar
Radio Shack cassette recorder
Vinyl and VHS
released May 26, 2023

Produced, mixed, and arranged by Dr.Doppler
Mastering and additional mixing by Joe Marquet (Jay Quet)
Additional mastering by Æther Transmission
02 – Lyrics and vocals: A-F-R-O
06 – Lyrics and vocals: Brainorchestra
09 – Lyrics and vocals: AC Peer
11 – Lyrics, vocals, vocoder, synthesizer: Æther Transmission
12 – Lyrics and vocals: ResoNate
13 – Scratching: Cut Beetlez