Flow & Behold: Reveries of a Prophetic Emcee
by Taste Nate & DJ Behold

What I feel is that in everyone there exists the ability to be a prophet or a false prophet. With regards to anything spiritual, esoteric, selfhood or self development there is no roadmap. Anyone that places themselves as your guru or leader is a big red flag. Very few are even willing to step onto that path to begin with. It is always simpler to be guided or directed onto that road opposed to walking the path and discovering your own true guides. For whatever reason you decide to not follow the call of your true self or your wild call or the call of nature, you identify with your false self or a social persona. This identification dims the true self. The self of connectedness. By doing this we end up in a loop. Living our lives mechanically and expecting to advance in evolution by something external. You may be following all the right directives of society but still inside you don’t feel authentic. You might feel like no matter what information you follow it seems to not be generating any results on your journey. By appropriating someone else’s idea of an authentic self you continue to avoid your own calling. The prophet in you becomes false because you are allowing some voice narrator to dictate a meaning that is exclusive to your life as an individual. The prophet in you that I speak of deals in existence. It does not deal in future visions like a fortune teller, because for it to be the future it doesn’t exist at all. The prophet in you deals in existence. The merging of these existences is why you witness or feel synchronicities. The people that actually exist in your lives can be your guides. They didn’t arrive from the future because they existed already.

released January 8, 2022

producer: DJ Behold
Executive Producer: Taste Nate
Mixed and Mastered at Yellow Cake Studios
*track 5 & 9 Mixed by Tai the 13th
*Track 11 &12 Mixed by Tabs