Floating Beams by Funky DL

Funky DL introduces the 2nd single release track from his brand new instrumental album series, “Get It In”.

“Floating Beams” took shape when Funky DL configured a 4-chord structure over 2-bars that felt like the vibe of a sweet summer day. After tinkering on the keys for a while, the chords were laid down with smooth electric piano and added chorus effect. DL then added some smooth electric guitar to blend with but alternate against some of the electric piano Chords.

Each “Get It In” album will be released periodically, with the first installment, “Get It In: Summer Sunshine” out on all platforms on June 9th 2023. This will be a collection of tracks (including “Floating Beams” that all evoke the feeling of summer, sunshine and blissfully bright days.

The focus for the “Get It In”series is simply “cool laid back music” as the backdrop to the numerous activities we choose to engage in daily, such as work, study, chill etc.

The second album installment, “Get It In: Caffè & Chords” is already complete and will follow later on down the line.
released May 26, 2023
Produced by Funky DL for Washington Classics 2023.