Float Jam x Packed Rich: The High End Theory Instrumentals by Packed Rich

produced by Packed Rich
mastered by Yasu 2000
artwork by Dominik Heilig

“世界中のアーティストとコラボレーションをしてドイツ産ヒップホップからハウスミュージック等も発信しているPACKED RICH。

YOUSEE、ND、DJ PUNCH、からなる2MC & 1DJのヒップホップユニット。 90年代後半から渋谷Familyや新宿IZMなど都内近郊のCLUBでのレギュラーパーティーを重ね、宅録で制作した最初のEP「THANK」は坂本龍一氏がナビゲーターを務める「Radio sakamoto」でピックアップされる。 2000年代初頭FOURD NKAY率いるクルー「ZIPBLOCK」のメンバーとして活躍しアルバム「The Junk City Renaissance」をリリース。 2010年にはAmebreakにて行われたAKLO&L-Vokal主催の「Better Half」のリミックスコンテストでは、SKY-HI、EGO、LBとOTOWAと肩を並べ優秀賞のアーティストとしてその名を連ねる。 2016年にはFREE DLのEP「MONORAL-L」「MONORAL-R」の2枚に加え、そして初のオリジナルアルバム「STEREO」を立て続けにリリース。また同年のWARPマガジンにおける「編集部オススメの12枚」に選出される。 2019年にはカナダのレーベルINNER OCEAN RECORDSよりリリースされた日本人ジャズピアニスト兼ビートメイカーKAZUMI KANEDAのアルバム「Morpheme Tone」に参加。 自身の活動意外にも他アーティストの作品への参加や、楽曲の提供と多岐に渡り活動している。 そして2023年、コロナ禍のはじまりから水面下で準備していたドイツ在住のビートメイカーPACKED RICHとのコラボEP「 The High End Theory」のリリースを控えている。 長いキャリアによってあらゆる年代のHIPHOPを吸収し、JAZZYでありながらも先進的な独自のHIPHOPを等身大の言葉で表現し続けている。

PACKED RICH collaborates with artists from all over the world to produce hip-hop and house music.
His sound, which is produced using a piano and MPC1000 in his home studio, has an original blackness that easily slips into the eardrums of the listener.
The beats he produced in the past were created at different times, and because they were more “rap-oriented” than the “instrumental beats specialized for listening” that he usually releases, they were kept as stock instead of being released for collaboration with artists.
This time, in a special collaboration with FLOATJAM, all the songs were reviewed and remade, and the result is a brilliant collection that is “good with rap and even better as an instrumental.

A 2MC & 1DJ hip-hop unit consisting of YOUSEE, ND and DJ PUNCH. Since the late 90’s, they regularly held parties at Shibuya Family, Shinjuku IZM, and other clubs in the Tokyo suburbs, and their first EP “THANK”, recorded at home, was picked up by “Radio Sakamoto”, which was run by Ryuichi Sakamoto. In the early 2000s, he was a member of “ZIPBLOCK”, a crew led by FOURD NKAY, and released the album “The Junk City Renaissance”. In 2010, he was one of the winners of the “Better Half” remix contest hosted by AKLO & L-Vokal at Amebreak, along with SKY-HI, EGO, LB and OTOWA. In 2016, he released two FREE DL EPs, “MONORAL-L” and “MONORAL-R”, as well as his first original album “STEREO”. In the same year, the album was selected as one of the “12 Editor’s Recommendations” in WARP Magazine. In 2019 he participated in the album “Morpheme Tone” of the Japanese jazz pianist and beat maker KAZUMI KANEDA, released on the Canadian label INNER OCEAN RECORDS. In addition to his own activities, he has been active in a wide range of fields, participating in other artists’ works and providing music. In 2023, he will release “The High End Theory”, a collaborative EP with German beatmaker PACKED RICH, which he has been preparing behind the scenes since the beginning of the Corona disaster. Throughout his long career, he has absorbed hip-hop from all eras and continues to express his own unique brand of hip-hop that, in his own words, is jazzy yet progressive.”
released May 21, 2023