first person hooper by hypoetical

Ever since the pandemic, I dedicated much of my time into learning how to code. Years and many small projects later, I took a leap and dove right into game development. Being born and raised in the bay inside the heart of the Silicon Valley, it all made sense.

First Person Hooper is my first fully realized project from the ground up created using a combination of the crafts I’ve learned throughout the years: beatmaking, sound design, 3D visuals, graphics, programming, and game design. It’s a video game inspired by my ritual of shooting hoops at the park while listening to beats in my headphones. I wanted to capture the experience of flow when putting shots up while adding the elements of timing & fun. Consider it my love letter to hiphop and hoops.

The beats in this album are the soundtrack to the game. Tracks were curated and selected from previous albums to give off the vibe I was aiming for in the game.

Developed under the name “Ejo” (short for Adriel – thanks Miho!), and published by Starch Digital. It’s free to play on the App Store (iPhone and iPad) and can be purchased on Steam (PC). I hope you enjoy it.

App Store Link:

Steam Link:
released May 17, 2023