FIGHT by Floco Torres FIGHT is a song I’ve had for a few months that came out of the same creative vibe that “Longing” came from. I’ve just been wanting to make more music with big noisy anthemic drums & a little less predictable song structures. Songs that feel like the world we’ve been experiencing. This year I learned about the moment Sinead O’Connor “ruined” her career speaking up for what she believed in. Thinking about how powerful that moment had to be in real time whether you agreed with her or not, & with only TV networks to recap what happened. It made me wonder if I’m doing enough in my everyday life, in every facet, & why I’ve been so hesitant lately as opposed to me earlier in my career. The production drove me to say what I said here, & to push myself to do more, & do better in every way that I can. I hope it gives you whatever version of yourself that may help or inspire you today. – FT credits released November 4, 2022 Lyrics: Floco Torres Production: Floco Torres Engineering: Floco Torres Artwork: Floco Torres