FARMA X BAILEYS BROWN – They Live We Sleep (​*​Pricks From The Thorn) (2023)

United Kingdom

The road we have travelled is a long one…Through the hard times and the good, we have strived to be our best version of ourselves, yet we are met with the continuous incompetance and negligence from those that presume to lead and nurture the nation! The UK is a corrupt and vile pit of depravity that disguises itself with the paper thin mask of equality and self preservation…Rule Brittania and all that stiff upper lip shit that they sell to us everyday. Our biggest challenge is to not become numb to the awful conditions some of us are forced into, wether it be mental health, cost of living, housing etc we must not let it become our ordinary…Its not! These fuckers are taking it all for themselves! Dont be scared to fight back…Take the prick from the thorn and smell the roses!

Peace and Bless

paru le 9 mars 2023