Explorations with Master Wolf
by Soul Mechanics & Master Wolf

This release was a finalist for the Qld Music Awards 2019 in Hip Hop !!!

Originally a three-piece house band laying down sweet and sour improvised grooves for dinner guests at various Fortitude Valley establishments, a chance encounter with a live-to-air freestyle rap session on 4ZZZ introduced the Soul Mechanics to the lyrical wizardry of Master Wolf. The EP’s opening track How We Jam recounts the genesis of this collaboration.

“I first heard Master Wolf freestyling on a radio program late one night and was blown away by his skill. I thought that what he was doing would really compliment what we were doing. I literally tracked down his number the next day and called him to see if he wanted to collaborate with us.” reflects Brian L’Huillier (bass).

The foursome began playing live shows around Brisbane, letting things marinate on stage – Master Wolf freestyling over Soul Mechanics’ deep groove improvisations – eventually, after recurring themes were reworked and re-imagined during live shows, four ideas stood out as worthy of recording.

To try and capture the essence of the live experience, the band shacked up for a weekend in Dave Kemp’s (drums, vibes) Gold Coast hinterland studio and, true to their ethos, the four musical skeletons were jammed on, fleshed out and the results recorded and presented in this EP.

It’s always difficult to replicate the energy of a live show on tape, especially the unpredictably brilliant chaos of an improvised set. These songs are a snapshot from 2 years of exploring musical wormholes and lyrical gymnastics. Sometimes the same chord was ridden for a few bars too long and sometimes ‘place’ was rhymed with… ‘place’, but no matter the outcome, the musicians and audience alike were part of a unique musical moment. This EP serves as a memento to those times, but also as a standalone piece of work, joining the forces of deep soul and jazz with a punchy lyrical flow.

As an added perk, Dave has tastefully infused some secret herbs & spices of Rhodes, Vibes, Percussion and the all important G-Whistle to the already heady brew of drums, bass & guitar to create some extra flavour to the bonus instrumental versions.
released October 29, 2021

Master Wolf – raps
Jason Elliot – guitar
Brian L’Huillier – bass
Dave Kemp – drums, percussion, vibraphone, keys, synths

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Kemp at Wandering Ear Studios, Currumbin Valley.

photography by Dane Beesley – www.danebeesley.com
Layout by John La Motta – www.weareflip.com