Evening Sun by Altered States, Hilltop Productions

Single taken from Hilltop Productions LP Heavy Spitters
Getting older, pray I’m getting wiser ( pray I’m getting wiser)
Divide the hours left with minutes got you second guessing
Hold your weapon like your child while you sleep at night
Preaching over Practice got your reaching you aint living right
See You can lead a man to water, but cant make him drink
The same way that you can teach but you can’t them think
A simple choice a voice to ring amongst the tabernacle
I found God when I broke these Roman Catholic shackles
They say that Jesus is about love,
Well wheres the fucks love been
Cause every one I know is tired of struggling
I hear if it don’t kill you, then it only makes you stronger
If thats the case these scars and pain
Got me like Schwarzenegger
Sometimes I find it hard to part the fog so I can see
The silver lining intertwined amongst this worlds horrors
Beg your pardon , if your speaking, make your voice heard
And understand your words are weapon when attacking systems
That’s why they burn the books
I guess next time they’ll pull the plug
When they decide that information aint for all of us
Keep em fighting, pick a card, race or religion
party lines, vac’d or unvac’d the rules are simple
Shine a light on how they different keep them all in fear
When its really rich and against the poor that’s how its always been
That’s why the Po killed Mr. Fred Hampton
Cause he was wise and unified a peoples coalition
Filled with every race, under the sun,
slums, guns and plenty fucking ammunition
Young ones
come on we got to fight to the system
Young guns
I pray you keep up out the system
Take your name give you a number and pot to piss in
I was gonna write a chorus but pen resisted
Bar after bar
fucking bar holiday
Cross the pond I ring alarms plus I rock the bells
If you aint rocking son of Ander, then you can go to hell
A rookie sounding like a vet well it gets some upset
See I been spitting, spitting for a long time
See I been singing, singing for a long time
See I was slinging, slinging for long time
But now I do it, do it for the masses
No longer holding on to all this art just like a greedy bastard

But now I do it, do it for the masses
But now I do it, do it for the masses
But now I do it, do it for the masses
But now I do it, do it for the masses
released March 13, 2023