Animated Looking video for “Nothing but the blood” by Eshon Burgundy.
Directed by: Eshon Burgundy
Shot by: Harlem Hairston for Black English Films
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Verse 1

I feel the darkness around me
I know my head got bounties
They huntin’ for him in counties
They want him dead huh?
Said I was lost til they found me
In baptism they had tried to drown me
Oh y’all old fashion
Y’all don’t wanna use lead huh?
The accusers came for Yahshua
Singing redrum
I sing HalleluYah to Yahuah that’s a anthem
I gotta calling on my life like It’s a Samsung
My hair swinging wild in the air like I’m Samson
I remain a student of the Word
I’ve been prudent from the curb
I see dead men at the viewing in the church
Laid up It’s like Ewing over Bird
Blood of the Messiah is salvation and new birth
Blessed to be of the Bloodline but without the blood I’m dirt
Living water that’s an elixir
Obey your thirst
Brick and mortar
That’s a religion that ain’t the church
Rainbows reflect in a prism above the earth
That’s one For Noah not a perverted sexual urge/
Every time I pray its the feeling of being searched
Faith is nothing
If I ain’t willing to do the work
My people were blessed
But we slipped up and caught a curse

Of my pardon this I see
Nothing but the blood
Nothing, nothing but the blood

Of my pardon this I see
Nothing but the blood
Nothing, nothing but the blood

Verse 2

Blood on top of the door post
Death passed me over, my former life Casanova
On water like Captain Noah, headed to the shore
My body is the temple, just know He the door
The Law ain’t no salvation issue, it’s just gon’ keep me pure
Reading, fasting, and praying, that’s what’s gon’ keep me raw
Holy Spirit checking me gon’ make me stay the course
Scripture is my weaponry, that sword go through your heart
Flame on my torch, running through the dark
Hebrew boy still pressing toward the mark
MLK stride when it’s time to march
Sometimes I’m Simon with the blade and I don’t wanna talk
Royalty, I’m cut from my designer cloth
America foiled me, be trying to throw me off
Christ was sent to the lost, that’s what the Word say
And you can’t be lost if you wasn’t His in the first place

[Sample chop]
Of my pardon this I see
Nothing but the blood
Nothing, nothing but the blood

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