Escape From Grenades! by Meaty Ogre

Escape From Grenades is 32 minute relentless rap mixtape featuring 21 MC’s, produced on the SP-1200 by @therealmeatyogre

Inspired by 80’s war flix and 90s rap mixtapes ala Cash Money Bros, Soundbombing, etc, the record blasts thru 100’s of movie clips, cassette & vinyl samples, & heavy duty raps by @stillrift @hueythecosmonaut @greymatterhiphop @buck65 @doverox @doseonegrams @skech185 @vyle @sixtoo @gaiaearthpeace @hellsent @pugsatomz @jefordedu @nickleggero @kevinbeacham21 @richjones @defcee @mauricancook @rajuworld @jjwithablade @robustchicago

Individual tracks beautifully mixed by king @benhixon

When you purchase the digital version, you get all individual tracks, and the entire side A / side B mixes uninterrupted.
released March 3, 2023

Individual track audio mixed by Ben Hixon (Dolfin Records)