EMPTY HEADS – EPISODE 1 (Produced, performed and animated entirely by OLZORD)

After spending over a decade jumping in and out of various art forms, OLZORD seeks to combine all of his disciplines into a new series unlike anything else. Everything that you see and hear in this video was made by him and him only, and it’s as unique a piece of art as he is an artist.

EMPTY HEADS is a simple premise, a rapper from space wants to show everyone on this little blue ball that we live on how to really spit bars – and seeks to do so immediately. Hiphop has never looked this good, and satire has never sounded so great.

Over the past decade or so, OLZORD has made animated music videos for artists such as Big Narstie & Harry Shotta, putting his own artistic ambitions on the back burner so that he could help others shine, but he’s had enough of that now. Influenced by a fusion of David Firth, Cyriak, Task Force & Jehst, he’s stopped all creative services for others so that he can fulfil his true ambition.

Going forward, the aim is to have one or more rappers featuring in each episode, with their own exclusively crafted characters built around their persona and style, and chats are already underway with various artists to line this up for as early as episode two, which is set to be released in 2-3 months’ time.