“Empty Bottles”

(From Bohemia Lynch)

Today is my birthday. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my deceased parents. When I lost my mother, I couldn’t accept the fact. I couldn’t even go to her funeral and finally couldn’t see her face. I had a hole in my heart since I was 15 years old. My mother told me not to lose my ticket to paradise, but I felt God robbed my mother and I can no longer believe in God. It’s an unfulfilled promise for me and my mother. But if God exists, there must be a reason for everything. The reason for this pain and anguish … I still don’t know what it gave me, but I’m thinking of moving forward. My mother gave me music. So I’m still alive. thank you.

Not all the lyrics of this song apply to me, but I feel like he sang my feelings.
Thank you to the young talent of Buffalo NY. Y.N.X.716
releases March 24, 2022

Written by Y.N.X.716
Mixed & Mastered by YU-DAI
Artwork by NADENECO

Presented by VANDARUDE
Supported by THE ANTHEM Inc