This track is a single to the eP of the same name.
UH! For my niggaz that’s lost in the sauce
Gettin’ mixed up tossed
Switched up and crossed
Still get up and boss
Hold your head my nigga we gon’ ride for the cause
And even when they don’t, we gon’ slide wit some dogs ON DAWGZ
You know they like to bite wit’ no bark
Sneak up on a nigga wit da hawk on God
For a lil bit of change demon time all wrong
Same ole song different tune carry on
Battle torn ova block we don’t own
My nigga still tryna get some status wit’ some cheese for a home
Put Gz on domes give ‘em peace wit’ the chrome
And niggaz can’t breathe they won’t leave us alone
They say peace is in the home lord knows I know
Huh! If you know then you know
They say peace is in the home lord knows I know
I’m still tryna glow, let’s go!

Ah yo chop shops slabs of rock posted on the back blocks
Celtics Patriots Bruins home of the Red Sox
Fades braids cornrows and them dreadlocks
Graduated from the projects of hard knocks
Too late to turn back after the Feds kop
Trying to emulate your favorite rapper in hip hop
Stayed on the grind ever since my 1st zip lock
Cats been copying styles way before tik-tok
Back before cats was scared to fight, you’ll get your shit rock
Easy keep talking shit if you don’t believe me
How you gonna act tuff and get done greasy
17.5 niggas swear that they Jeezy
Huh who really getting numbers like that
And if you really is then hit a nigga right back
I guarantee on my life I can call it cap
Cuz nowadays cats is telling lies in their raps that’s facts
releases October 14, 2022
Produced by SAN The Instru-Monumentalist. Written and performed by SHALOM and PLOTTS. Engineered by LTIP.