Eloheem Team – “New Day (TimeCapsule2011)” – (Official Audio)

A time capsule, by definition, is a historic cache of goods and/or information intended to communicate with the future when it is unlocked or dug up.

Recorded and locked up in 2011, Eloheem Team’s “New Day (TimeCapsule2011)” is a literal rhyme capsule reporting the then social and political climate while acknowledging that a new day was upon us, one of treachery, calculated chaos, and planned confusion.

What does “New Day (TimeCapsule2011)” teach us? Socially, it is a reminder that history will always repeat itself. Very broadly, today so much seems to be ‘the same game’ with some new/different players, for what still appears to be a tireless attempt to strip The People of their civil rights and freedoms. But let us get back to the music, this song emphasizes that authentic art that does not copy or follow trends will always remain immortal. There will never be an expiration date for music created from passion and pure creative instincts. There is no such thing as old music, just music you haven’t heard yet.

Eloheem Team’s William Cooper and Stoneface explained, “We have both vigorously devoted our 10,000 hours to become masters of our craft, and this year we vow to celebrate and showcase our mastery by releasing new content every 2-3 weeks. 2023 is The Year of The Eloheem.”

“New Day (TimeCapsule2011)” is OUT NOW on ALL Digital Streaming Platforms via Gemstarr Regime Records!

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