Electric Pistachio by Roast Beatz

Soul Food Feat. Kurnel MC, Natty & PRofit 04:11
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Lose Yourself Feat Kylie Earl 04:48
Home Grown Feat PRofit 04:12
The People Feat. Greg Blackman 04:07
Now You Know Feat. Broken Poetz 04:08
Take Me Back Feat. Figure Of Speech & Kristy Kurowsk 04:49
Knock Knock Feat. PRofit 03:24
Let it Go Feat. MysDiggi and Ella Mae 04:26
Road Runner Feat. Feat Illvis Freshly 03:45
Keep it Movin Feat. Rider Shafique 04:05
Reach Out Feat. Kurnel MC 04:01
Sour Bliss Feat. Triggs Vega 03:59
CIF16: Roast Beatz – Electric Pistachio

Like the nut this album has many health benefits. It’s loaded with audio nutrients and but will increase your chances of tinnitus. While low in calories it can assist with muscle growth from aggressive dancing also contributing to weight loss. It can also help decrease stress and lower your blood pressure as has been designed to uplift, add dopamine and serotonin to the brain.

3 years in the making this album effortlessly hops between Roasts preferred genres of Hip Hop, Funk, Mid Tempo Breaks and Reggae.

All tracks have a sprinkle of positivity kick starting with Soul Food featuring Kurnel MC, Natty and Profit. inviting you to their audio abode for some snacks and a knees up over a reggae sampled Hip Hop beat. It’s hard not too high five a stranger while listening to this one.

Next up Kylie Earl puts a spring in your step by requesting you to Lose Yourself in a world of disco, snappy drums, synths, funk drenched guitars and keys. Grab her hand and forget about what you’ve got going on in life. Give in to the music and put a grin on your chops.

Then back down to earth with a four finger slap into a 125bpm, Reggae infused mosh pit. Listen while Profit gives you the lowdown on his past and present in Homegrown. This is one for the clubs and the 90’s kids with his references to sweaty raves, Biggie and Tupac all spat out effortlessly over this fast paced bassy stomper.

After getting roughed up in Profits manor Mr Greg Blackman offers some soothing vibes for The People. This one is a straight up feel good funk bonanza. GB doesn’t hold back on waxing his pipes over Roasts dusty keys, horns and drums.

Hungry for more vibes? The plates half full. Broken Poetz drag you back to the dance while Roast serves up some seasoned synth’s accompanied by a funky back drop of neck snapping beats. If you didn’t know…Now You Know.

After a very current mid tempo sound we wind down, reminisce and Take You Back over a jazzy hip hop number with Figure of Speech and Kristy Kurowski. Expect super smooth flows and head nodding harmonies over this classic sounding hip hop track.

Now, time too rough it up a bit. Roast call’s upon BC’s finest Illvis Freshly to bless this sleazy sampled hip hop banger. Expect 808’s, Synths giving a new school feel while the boys lay down battle style raps making this the perfect one for all you Road Runners out there.

Hitting number 1 on various digital download stores this was many peoples summer jam! It’s only right Roast got back in the lab with MysDiggi and adding Ella in the mix made this a mid tempo, feel good anthem helping multiple listeners Let It Go.

PRofit comes back up to bat, or Knock Knock your door down with this breakbeat banger. The boys have shutdown raves when ever this is performed. Expect high energy raps, hard beats, crunchy synths and funky scratches making this a favourite for the dance floor.

We Keep It Movin’ as Roast teams up again with Rider Shafique bringing Nu school hip hop sounds over African flutes and guitar. Combine this with Riders un-mistakable voice and all the elements combined produce a very unique sounding and dope track.

Reaching Out to his label mate Kurnel MC. They both deliver a very high energy positive club track. Guest guitar licks from Mr Stabalina, precise raps and flows from the Kurnel while Roast get’s it ready for the dance floor by sprinkling some funky cuts on the side.

Finishing this album with Sour Bliss. A track recorded in 2004. Bought back to life in 2018 and designed for release. Roast souped up this masterpiece from his old collaborater Triggs Vega, giving it a more new school vibe. Still 100% Triggs and 100% relevant. We bid you farewell x
released August 11, 2021