E-Fluent “Whole City Haunted” (Prod by Tone Chop)

2nd BONUS TRACK off the limited CD edition of 60LUCKY’S MOST.

Break the Dutch apart and dump the cigar
Tone chop sampling his son on guitar
And that’s a beautiful thing for an artist
Musical feats that we harness
Truth is, elite can’t be tarnished
Our speech is too honest
These leeches is talking business like they been involved
Deaths to solve
Go on detectives, this your beckon call
Left a tall order on the steps of the king
Upstate Renaissance, nobody messin with Bing?
I guess the Youngns on that drill
An the old heads gave up
I been dumping shots to kill
Same as Chop on you lame punks
Rain the block once the K bust
An I can do that gun talk, because we let them guns off
Big boy rifles, we psycho’s, all of our fucks gone
I knew that i had to jump on
This beat, because as soon as I Heard it
I put my gloves on
Surgical shit, the murderous script
You know I’m sticking to it closely, so the further i drift
From the….person I is, and was and I am now
It’s easier to disappear again in the background
Dark days, twilight, nothing but black clouds

Come On, Put some money on it
That’s the only way to certify you really want it
For Real, Put some money on it
This the twilight zone, whole city haunted
Come On, Put some money on it
That’s the only way to let em know you really bout it
Come On, put some money on it
this the Twilight Zone, whole city haunted

It’s no wonder why, the séance open up the skies here
Black magic, feel the spirits rise near
I was 11, bumping SLAYER, in my room in the sticks
knew the devil came in flavors, you could choose as you wish
To live deliciously
The pigs call it suspiciously
But they gon always hate what they don’t get to be,
ya dig young’n?
I’m just tryna steer you right, cus there’s some big plummets
Keep a cool head, and hope u ain’t got a weak stomach
It’s luciferians that lurk from within
And a dark/light balance, every person’s a twin
like the earth doesn’t spin, just like the lies that they feed
like we work just to live, there’s never time to be free
Time is the key, reason why we dying to live
And the blink of an eye is all the time that you get
Try to condense, it all into your memory now
Cus once this transmission ends, it’ll never be foundboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboard