Dweller – World On My Shoulders (Prod. Jonny Capicol)

From: Dweller – Record Of Achievement (2020)

“Above and beyond all else; this is a record of achievement”
Born in the thick of Hip Hop’s Golden Era in 1986 in Salford on the outskirts of Manchester, Dweller’s path to Hip Hop music was navigated via Rage Against the Machine and the Beastie Boys to his discovery of A Tribe Called Quest at the tender age of 13.
After over a decade of creative experimentation, he started to form the roots of his career as an M.C and producer in 2006.
Developing the identity, the flow and the character that we know today as Dweller has taken 14 years of honing his craft and these 14 years have not been without their ups and downs.
After several difficult years wrestling with a stressful full-time job and juggling this with family life he made the courageous move to hand in his resignation in 2019; heading for life as a full time creative.
In the months after leaving full time work the bulk of the writing, recording and mastering of this album was done and like cream, he rose to the top and delivered an outstanding piece of art that signifies what the M.C is capable of.
Two years in the making, this is a record featuring 12 tracks, a record featuring 3 guest producers, 3 guest musicians and 2 guest M.C’s, a record that is the life and soul of Dweller in audio form but above and beyond all else; this is a record of achievement.
released November 22, 2022

Richard Rollinson / Dan & Emily Lever – Instruments & Vocals on RATS
ExP – Recording / Backing Vocals
Piff – White Bear Studios Manchester – Recording & Mastering
QRATES – 12″ Pressing
Live From The Groove