Dub Sonata – Tranquilizer Dart (2022) U.S.A (Virginie) How does one follow up an impactful work of art? Some artists dive right into their next project riding a jet stream of momentum, while some rush a new release out of fear of losing it. Others go dark for a fear of not living up to their previous creation — the J.D. Salinger syndrome. Where does this find producer Dub Sonata, 10 years since his last LP? The globe-trotting, record-digging photog — who’s just as comfortable waiting out a thunderstorm, camera in hand, as he is waiting for the right vocal take in a studio– is back with his first LP since 2012’s Media Shower, also released on Man Bites Dog Records. Despite the years-long lapse in his own releases, Dub has since stayed busy producing songs for Jidenna, Sage Francis, and several of the acts who appear on Tranquilizer Dart. The album finds Dub reaching back into the past while embracing his future: some records have been sitting unreleased for over a decade, while some brand new material has been impulsively stripped down and re-recorded so recently that the vinyl has an entirely different cut than the CD & streaming version. Familiar fans will recognize frequent collaborators and newcomers alike including his own side project Evening Elevator, adding an interesting layer of haunting vocals to Tranquilizer Dart’s soundscape. This project is meant to be dissected, analyzed and enjoyed on repeat. Take your time with it. Dub did, and we think it shows. crédits paru le 2 décembre 2022 All songs produced and mixed by Dub Sonata. Mastered by Kount Fif. All scratches by DJ Nyce. Additional contributions by Lenice Cally Smith (Vocals / My Song), Christopher Burke (Piano / My Song), Ryan Gardner (Trumpet / My Song), Gil Dekel (Bass / The Butterfly Effect), Tim Segreto (vocals, additional production / Everywhere I Go & Amen). Additional mixing on My Song by Joseph Tolipani, Amen by Erin Tadena & Everywhere I Go by Maitre D. Artwork by Algie Saputra. © ℗ 2022 Man Bites Dog Records. All rights reserved.