DSC – Elements of Survival

Beatmaking & Instrumentales (Europe, Grèce)

We are back! One year after the release of the “Dusty Cave” album, the DSC returns with “Elements of Survival”.

Flowing through the ups and downs, the good and the bad in life we are striving to find balance and the right tools that will help us keep moving forward. One of these empowering tools is definitely music. Technic 1200’s, drum machines, keyboards and records like the four elements of nature (earth, wind, fire and water), are the essential elements giving us strength in this journey.

So we are giving you this album. Enjoy the ride!

DSC…Da Saga Continues.
paru le 1 octobre 2021

Beats: Wa (Bbnz)
Cuts: Mechs
Mix/Master: Logos Apeili (iamhiphop)
Cover design: Mechs