by Malcolm R

Malcolm R (Aka El Indio Jiux) is a MC hailing from Iquique Chile. Inspired by Oldschool HipHop and Jazz, he started playing the sax and rapping with a very early age and released his first mixtape “Técnicas de supervivencia” in 2014, recorded by Patricio Cabezas member of the group “Cerro” and in 2017 the mixtape “InI speech” recorded by Leinad Producciones. In 2021 he released “The Motherland EP” alongside Waseem a political activist and rapper from Munich, Germany. His raps deal with the social problems of present-day Chile as well as injustice, inequality and racism undeveloped countries are facing worldwide. His goal is to mobilize people and make these problems visible to those who can’t see this, or just ignore them on a regular basis.

Now in 2022 he releases his first full length album “Drapetomania” via German label Pigeon Records. For the album he has been working with the Chilean producers Agresonido from the Reclaf Crew, Oscar Guerrero from the group Bajo linaje and Crenshett from his hometown of Iquique and the Munich producers L One from the ATP Crew, Tony Crisp and DJ Rude Teen from ArOzA Crew.

The album title derives its name from Drapetomania, a supposed mental illness that was hypothesized as the cause of enslaved Africans fleeing captivity. Slave life was so pleasant, the official view was, that only the mentally ill would want to run away. The title shell implicate that the people of Chile are not free yet and need to stand up for they rights. They live under a flag that does not represent the majority of the country but discriminates them on economical and racial basis. His music is characterized by straight forward lyrics, very frontal messages with heavy pan-african political content and hard beats.
released May 13, 2022

Scratches: DJ Rude Teen
Mixing: L One
Mastering: Desh Ultra for mjuseek.com
Recorded at ATP Studio, Boom Bap Clan Studio, Studio 41 & Leinad Studio