Donwill – One Word No Space

From the album “One Word No Space”
Album Link:
Director: Theory Hazit

Technically this song isn’t on the album, at least not in this form. On the album it appears broken up into two pieces spread out over the course of the tracklist. With the video I stitched them together to create a title track that caps the album off.

I broke it into pieces on the album to force the listener to think about what each part of the title meant. It’s not simply about the constant misspelling of my name (which is still rampant), it’s actually about who I am as a person and where I feel I fit as an MC. The long and short of it is that I know and love who I am and even though I don’t really always feel like I fit in I’m fine with that so hopefully you are too.

The video was shot by Theory Hazit while I was on a quick trip to Portland, taking the ‘day off’ that I gave myself permission to at the end of the song. It was shot two weeks before quarantine began and while I fought myself long and hard over taking a break and doing something nice for myself I’m glad that I did it because there’s no telling when I’ll feel comfortable enough to travel so freely again.

Remember to care for yourself so you can take care of others and please wear a mask.