DOE THE UNKNOWN – PEPE SILVIA (Prod. by Tecknowledgy)

Take a trip with Doe The Unknown on this tribute to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This hard hitting Hip Hop beat with Doe’s melodic and complex lyrics promise to demand and grab your attention.
Shot by: BUB Da S.O.P.


Christopher Mass better known as Doe The Unknown was born and raised in Northern California’s “BAY AREA”. He has been writing and performing hip-hop music since the 6th grade. Doe has faced many set-backs in his hip-hop career, often hearing criticism such as “all bay area artists sound the same”. Many have overlooked his lyrical ability because they consider Doe The Unknown to be just another Bay Area artist. Even though many bay area artists have influenced his music, his style is not typical to the local hip-hop scene. Doe’s lyrical wordplay has often been categorized with such artists as Tech9, Royce The 5’9 and Eminem and his cadences and harmonies can be compared to the likes of Ty $ and Bryson Tiller. His melodic delivery and complex bars promises to give every listener a taste of something new and exciting.

Doe The Unknown believes that being a hip-hop artist is not about having a diamond chain or a million dollar home, but expressing yourself by painting pictures with words in a way that others can relate. He believes in not limiting himself to the constraints of any certain genre but rather being open to whichever way the music takes him. People often fear the unknown and miss out on the wonders they could bring. All Doe is asking is that you embrace the unknown and explore something new.